American Islamic Association was incorporated in Frankfort, Illinois in 1979 as a not for-profit religious entity and organized under Internal Revenue Service 501 c–3 code with the intention of imparting religious education to our children. Over time the activities of the organization have expanded into a full service religious organization catering to all ages. These activities encompass regular daily prayers, Friday congregational and other special prayers like Taraweeh and Eid. Weekend school and adult educational classes form an important aspect of the Association’s charter. Future plans include a full time day school and toddler day care for working parents.

The 14 acre scenic property was purchased in 1982. Until late 2005, the weekend school activities were conducted in the renovated farmhouse and old airplane hanger were retrofitted for makeshift congregational prayers and services. The Mosque was completed in September 2005 at a cost of approximately $2,000,000 generously donated by the South Suburban Muslim community.