Abdul.Khalique    Khalid.Mozaffar

Dr. Abdul Khalique - Principal

Khalid Mozaffar - Associate Principal



To carry out the mission of AIA Weekend Islamic School of providing excellent education to thechildren, several dedicated community members have contributed their services. Dr. Abdul Khalique is one of them who has been associated with the school since 1995. He accepted the position of Principal in 2008 and took up the responsibility of overall administration of the school. This includes reviewing and selecting textbooks, preparing curriculum for the classes, making school policies and managing school finances, etc.

During the transition to the new school administration, the AIA Weekend Islamic School added a new position of an Associate Principal in 2008. The Associate Principal assists the Principal. Both Principals have specific tasks within the administration and they work together in consultation with the other.

Br Khalid Mozaffar, who had been teaching at AIA since the year 2000, accepted the position of Associate Principal in 2008. He is responsible for the day to day administration of the School. This includes arranging substitute teachers, school supplies, running different programs, managing School Manager Software, etc.

AIA wishes Br Abdul Khalique and Br Khalid Mozaffar the best, as they continue to carry out their responsibilities with the AIA School. Below is their brief background.

Dr. Abdul Khalique


  • M.Sc.  (Chemistry), 1967, University of Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Ph.D. (Chemistry), 1974, University of Birmingham , Birmingham, U.K.


  • 1986-1995: Principal, Sunday Islamic School,  Islamic Society of Greater Springfield, IL
  • 1995-2008: Teacher, Weekend Islamic School,  American Islamic Association, Frankfort, IL
  • 2008 - current: Principal, Weekend Islamic School, American Islamic Association, Frankfort, IL
  • 2014-2017: Principal, Saturday Islamic School,  Furqaan Academy, Bolingbrook, IL



·         1972-73 Secretary, Islamic Society University of Birmingham, U.K.

·         1973-74 Vice Chairman, Islamic Society University of Birmingham, U.K.

·         1973-74 Joint Secretary Federation of Students Islamic Societies, U.K. & Eire

·         1971-72 Secretary, Pakistan Students Society University of Birmingham, U.K.

·         1972-73 Treasurer, Pakistan Students Society University of Birmingham, U.K.

·         1973-74 Chairman, Pakistan Students Society University of Birmingham, UK. 

·         1982-83 President, Islamic Society of Greater Springfield, IL

·         1985-86 Chairman, Board of Directors, Islamic Society of Greater Springfield, IL


Khalid Mozaffar, P.E.


  • BSEE & MSEE (1985 & 1987), Purdue University,West Lafayette, IN
  • Licensed Professional Engineer (2009-Current), State of Illinois


  • 2008-Current: Associate Principal, AIA Weekend Islamic School , Frankfort, IL
  • 2000-2010: Teacher, AIA Weekend Islamic School, Frankfort, IL
  • 2008-Current: President, Don Johns Engineering Corporation, Batavia, IL
  • 1997-2008: Senior Project Manager, Control Masters Inc., Downers Grove, IL
  • 1988-1997: Systems & Applications Engineer, Don Johns Engineering Corporation, Chicago, IL


·         2007-Current: AIA Board of Trustees Member

·         2007-2015: AIA Newsletter Editor

·         2013-Current: AIA Facebook Page Co-Manager

·         2010-Current: AIA Director of Communications and Outreach for Church & High School Group visits

·         2016-Current: AIA Youth Group Advisor

·         2003-2011: Founder and Muslim Co-chairperson of South West Interfaith Team (SWIFT)

·         2003-Current: AIA Representative on SWIFT Board

·         2014-Current: Member of Carl Sandburg High School SIP (School Improvement Parent) Committee

·         2012-2014: Mentor for Sandburg High School Robotics Club