Monday June 15th, 2020
Assalam Alaikum Dear Community Members,
Please read the following announcement about the resumption of the FRIDAY PRAYER SERVICES at AIA Frankfort Masjid, starting this week - Friday June 19, 2020 insha Allah.
We appreciate your patience while we deliberate these matters relating to the community members' health and safety.
  • For those showing up for either of two Friday prayers services, please follow these requirements WHICH WILL BE ENFORCED FULLY AND EQUALLY:
    • Arrive five to ten minutes before Khutbah time. Khutbahs will be shortened during the next few weeks. First khutbah starts at 1:20pm with Iqama at 1:30pm. Second khutbah starts at 2:20pm with Iqama at 2:30pm.
    • Please arrive with wudu. THE BATHROOMS WILL BE SEALED SHUT with no water supply.
    • Please arrive wearing your own masks - anyone showing up without a mask will not be allowed in.
    • Your temperature will be checked as you arrive at the Masjid door. Anyone with an elevated temperature will be asked to return home.
    • A maximum of 70-75 people will be allowed into the Masjid building at one time. Once the limit is reached, no additional person will be allowed in.
    • Please bring your own prayer rugs. There will be no prayer rugs provided by the masjid.
    • Please bring a plastic bag with you to put your shoes in which you will take into the prayer hall with you and keep next to you.
    • Please leave the prayer hall immediately after the Friday prayer. The imam will ask everyone to leave right after the prayers.  You can pray your sunnah prayers at home.
    • When you leave, you can exit with your shoes through the double doors or leave through the emergency door into the parking lot area.
    • Please practice social distancing rules at every instance while in the masjid building. We will be praying with 6ft distance between each worshiper. Spots to put down your prayer rug are marked.
    • Do not shake hands or hug anyone.
    • Please wear your mask the entire time.
    • Do not congregate in the lobby, prayer hall or anywhere before or after the prayers.
    • No-one under 16 years of age will be allowed in for prayers.
    • If you are not feeling well, you are sick, or you are elderly or have any underlying medical conditions, please do not come for the prayers at the masjid.
  • Again, please follow the CDC guidelines, please follow above rules as they are ONLY TEMPORARY insha Allah and are designed for protecting the community and our fellow-citizens from the potential spreading of harm and sickness during this pandemic. The better we follow these rules, insha Allah the quicker we are able to manage living with it and minimizing as much as possible any risks.
We cannot let our guard down. These rules are for implementing right now and into the near-future. They will remain in effect until further notice which will be based on medical and expert advice tell us that we can change or relax the rules.
AIA Masjid has been open for the five daily prayers since June 5th.
We appreciate the AIA community's patience, understanding, cooperation and duas! 
May Allah protect us all, bless us all and forgive us all for any mistakes or shortcomings.


AIA Board