2017-2018 SCHOOL YEAR

The following classification is based on age group. However, students might be placed in other classes depending upon their present knowledge and abilities. Teacher's recommendations and parents' input would be very critical in this matter, but the Principal will make the final decision.



Age Group




5 years old (All new students)


No Elementary Class this year 

Level 1

6 - 7 years (Elementary students of last year and all new 6 & 7 yrsold students)

Level 2

No Level 2 Class this year

Level 3

8 - 9 years (Level 2 students of last year and all new 8&9yrsold students)

Level 4

No Level 4 Class this year

Level 5

10 - 11 years (Level 4 students of last year and all new 10 & 11 yrsold students)

Level 6

No Level 6 Class this year

Level 7

12 - 13 years (Level 6 students of last year and all new 12 & 13 yrsold students)

Level 8

No Level 8 Class this year


NOTE: Due to shortage of classroom space and number of enrollees in each class different age group students will be placed together.